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TUNA 2.0 - West Coast
  • TUNA 2.0 - West Coast

    The Tuna 2.0 is the second addition of this legendary kayak. There is no question that the Tuna forever changed the style and performance of whitewater kayaks. Combining ease of paddling with a stylish and fast design allowed paddlers to win races, run harder whitewater, and paddle with more confedience than ever. The Tuna 2.0 is now the re-birth of that very same idea. With a lighter layout and less stern rocker the 2.0 has the same friendly stylish way of paddling with much more speed than the original Tuna. Less stern rocker also allows paddlers to matain a more controlled angle of attack while running drops.


    "The Tuna 2 has become a personal favorite over the last year of hard paddling. This design is different from the Tuna 1, but has its pros! This kayak is exactly the same dimensions of the Tuna 1 with a less stern rocker and a smoothed out top deck. It’s really cool to see how such a slight difference can affect a design. With more speed than the Tuna1 this kayak really gives me confidence in hard and unpredictable whitewater. When I am tired and not feeling 100% on my game, I can still style most everything I am running. This is due to its very forgiving edges and style. It’s not as brainless to boof and skip out of every single little feature, but once you get the hang of it, this is a good thing. The Tuna 2 has allowed me to feel confident in plugging again. I can actually go under water in this design which really helps with impact when running drops!" -Evan Garcia 

    • Shipping Info!

      Once you pay for your boat, we will email you shipping intructions. Shipping usually costs anywhere from $125 - $175. You can also pick up in White Salmon, WA for free.  

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