• Steeze - West Coast

    The Steeze is our newest hybrid design at Waka Kayaks.


    Length : 274cm - 9 feet long

    Wigth : 68cm - 2.2 feet wide.

    Weight Range : 65kgs - 120kgs : 145 - 250 pounds.


    The kayak comes with a pod attachment adding extra volume to the slicy stern for serious class 5 whitewater. It is a closed plastic pod fitting perfectly on the stern using 4 easy to use screw attachments. 


    This kayak is desinged to be a real river runner for real white water. The Steeze is a modified and thinnner OG: Its style is to stay super dry and over any feature while allowing easy turning like the OG except this puppy is FAST as any Race boat on the market. What makes this design unique to the rest of our boats is the speed it carries while still mataining Wakas effortless ablilty to stay on top of difficult features. The small stern helps you to lock in and stay on line with ease. The Steeze is also going to be a game changer for boater-cross races, as no one will be able to spin you out. 


    The Steeze surfs line a dream and flat spins like a play boat...You will catch more air off waves and get bigger skips out of holes than ever before! However a question many of you are asking. How squirtable is this stern? Very possible in good eddy lines and great for splating rocks and other river features! 

    • Shipping Info!

      Once you pay for your boat, we will email you shipping intructions.  Shipping usually costs anywhere from $125 - $175.  You can also pick up in White Salmon, WA for free.  


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