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Steeze - West Coast

Steeze - West Coast

*Currently not selling THE STEEZE with the volume pod included.


The Steeze is our newest hybrid design at Waka Kayaks.


Length : 274cm - 9 feet long

Wigth : 68cm - 2.2 feet wide.

Weight Range : 65kgs - 120kgs : 145 - 250 pounds.


*If you are below 170 lbs this kayak feels more like an increible high performance river running creek boat (Squirts and Splats are still very possible but need good technique)...Once you get over 180-190lbs you can really start to turn this design into a half slice play machine. The heavier you are the more playful the kayak will be, but it will continue to support you safely through class 5. 


This kayak is desinged to be a playful and dynamic river runner. The stern is small enough to squirt and splat, but not too small to worry about in class 5 sitatuions. Just like the rest of our fleet the Steeze inspires confedience. This kayak is increibley dynamic, fast, and agrresive...but at the same time very easy to handle. The small stern helps you eaily lift your bow over any feature and lets you lock in and stay on line with ease. The Steeze is also going to be a game changer for all types of races becuase it's so fast and no one will be able to spin you out. 


Antoher very unique feature of The Steeze is that it surfs line a dream and flat spins like a play boat...(This is actaully more rare than you think in the half slice market.) This kayak will let you catch more air off waves and get bigger skips out of holes than ever before! It just puts a smile on your face and gets you stoked for more days on the river. 

  • Shipping Info!

    Once you pay for your boat, we will email you shipping intructions.  Shipping usually costs anywhere from $125 - $175.  You can also pick up in White Salmon, WA for free.  

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