• OG - West Coast

    "The OG is the best kayak I have ever paddled. After a few weeks of hard paddling, big drops, and flooded rivers in the PNW I have completly fallen in love with this design. This boat is so easy to drive anywhere you want to go, while holding a line, and keeping your bow high and dry above any feature! With an aggressive edge profile that allows you to catch any eddy in the blink of an eye, it also allows you to stop and switch directions on a dime." -Evan Garcia


    After Waka cut the Original Tuna out of its line up, we've had hundreds of requests to buy the "Tuna 1"...and for good reason! It's one of the best/easiest kayaks ever made. With that in mind we are proud to bring you The O.G. Inspired by the Tuna 1, Waka Kayaks has added everything we all thought the Tuna 1 was missing, and kept the aspects we all knew and loved! Tons of rocker, insane maneuverability, plenty of speed to do well in races, and that comfort and confidence we all felt sitting in the Tuna1. We are super excited to present and offer you our best design to date!


    Weight Range: 140-250

    Style: Any type of whitewater 

    • Shipping Info!

      Once you pay for your boat, we will email you shipping intructions.  Shipping usually costs anywhere from $175 - $300.  You can also pick up in White Salmon, WA for free.  


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