Steeze Puffy - West Coast
  • Steeze Puffy - West Coast

    The "Puffy Stern" is a remix of the normal Steeze. It is the same boat coming out of the same mold...with a very slight change in the top deck of the stern. The extra volume is more or less just the scoop of the normal Steeze taken out for a flatter tail. The extra volume makes the kayak more comfortable in hard whitewater and adds a good amount of speed to the over all performance of the kayak. This is achived by the stern loading up less and pushing you straighter and faster out of holes and drops. It is only a slight modification, but the difference is easy to tell in boliy water and tough situations.


    This Puffy Stern has become very popular with Team Waka, almost every one of our paddlers is using this as their everyday whitewater weapon! The playful nature of the Steeze is still evident and the ability to run even the scary class 5 is a unique blend to find in a kayak. You really have to try this boat to believe that this much speed, airtime, flow, and fun is possible out of one boat! 

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      Once you pay for your boat, we will email you shipping intructions.  Shipping usually costs anywhere from $125 - $175.  You can also pick up in White Salmon, WA for free.  


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