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Dragorossi - DRX
  • Dragorossi - DRX

    The DRX is making a splash in the creeking/waterfall running community.


    Could it be?... A new school design with plenty of rocker that is still soft on big drops? Speed blanced with softer edges and a smooth hull. This kayak creates a space where kayaking any type whitewater is fun, accsessable, and safe. Robust outfitting is customizable and sturdy. The same plastic compound as the New Wakas so durability is amazing and it is backed by a one year warranty on all manufactural defects.


    Gallons - 90

    Recommended Weight Range - 140 to 240


    Similar size and style of kayak as the OG where smaller paddlers are very comfortable paddling a bigger design due to the rocker and ease of manuvering and correcting line mistakes in whiutewater. While it is big enough to float the big boys and keep them smiling in a kayak the isn't grabby when the edges are a little deeper on the water line.


    Overall we are stoked to be offering the first Dragorossi boats coming to the USA in quite a long time. This is the only design we will be offering until their Half Slice "THE KUSH" comes out later this year.

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